Katy’s Angels is a non-profit dedicated to supporting cancer
patients, more importantly their care givers and families. Katy’s
Angels will help support long-term treatment schedules of cancer
patients. Katy’s Angels will operate with a very low cost structure
to leverage more direct support to those in need and be easy to do
business with.

 Katy’s Angels will provide patients and caregivers with the
hope that things will get better. Throughout the treatment
journey, we will be there to support. Hope is what drives healing.

Katy’s Angels is here to help. That help can be in many
different forms, and we will work with each individual family to
understand how exactly we can help. No cancer journey is the
same, therefore our support will change with each family.

 Katy’s Angels will help support patients and caregivers to
focus on their healing, not the cost of associated expenses. We will
be there when and where the patient/caregiver needs us.


Mark J Stenberg
Katy’s Angels

266 Donlea Road
Barrington Hills, IL 60010